DFK Developer Docs

Welcome to the Defi Kingdoms Developer Docs! This is a one-stop-shop for the information that a community developer would need to safely and properly integrate with DFK Assets.

DeFi Kingdoms is a multi-blockchain game. Through the use of the blockchain, all player-owned assets are available and encouraged to be used and integrated across games and across chains.

Good to know: All assets are made publicly available but are owned by Kingdom Studios. Any use of these assets must abide by the Defi Kingdoms TOS.

Getting Started

Contracts, NFTs, and Tokens

Details and information about DFK smart contracts and assets.

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Community API

Details about the GraphQL API that is available to all developers and community members.

pageCommunity GraphQL API


Kingdom Building Program

The Kingdom Building Program exists to drive innovation for the benefit of the DFK game, the DFK community players, and the blockchain experience. It is one way we listen to the needs and desires of the community, in addition to reinforcing their efforts and supporting their ideas.

For more information, visit: https://build.defikingdoms.com/

DFK Chain

The DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain (DFK Chain) is the home of the DFK: Crystalvale expansion. It is our vision that DFK Chain will become a go-to location for community members and projects to launch GameFi and other blockchain gaming experiences.

pageGetting Started

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