Returns a single Pet according to its id.
pet(id: ID!): Pet


Returns multiple Pets according to the arguments passed.
skip: Int
first: Int
orderBy: PetOrderBy
orderDirection: OrderDirection
where: PetFilter
): [Pet]!

Object Types


The Pet object type contains the following fields:

Basic Information

  • id: ID - the Pet's ID. Crystalvale Pet IDs are padded by 1000000000000 (one trillion), and Serendale (Klaytn) IDs are padded by 2000000000000 (two trillion).
  • normalizedId: String - the ID that appears in-game without realm padding.
  • owner: Profile - the current owner of the Pet. Pets held in the PetAuction contract will still return the Profile of their owner.
  • previousOwner: Profile - the most immediate recent owner of the Pet. Will return null if the Pet has not changed wallets since hatching.
  • creator: Profile - the player who originally hatched the Pet
  • createdAt: Int - the Unix timestamp of the Pet's hatching
  • originId: Int - deprecated
  • originRealm: String - the origin realm of the Pet; returns SER1, CRY, or SER2
  • currentRealm: String - the current realm of the Pet; returns SER1, CRY, or SER2
  • name: String - not currently in use
  • season: Int - returns the Pet's Season number
  • eggType: Int - returns 0 for Blue Egg and 1 for Grey Egg. The Pet's eggType determines the type of Profession Bonus that it will receive.
  • rarity: Int - maps from 0 (Common) to 4 (Mythic)
  • element: Int - maps from 0 to 7 - multiply by 2 and use the Hero element mapping. The Pet's element determines the type of Crafting Bonus that it may receive.
  • appearance: Int - a mapping of the appearance of the Pet; combines with eggType and season to determine Name, Variant, Family, and other details
  • background: Int - a mapping of the background image for the Pet
  • shiny: Boolean - whether the Pet card is Shiny or not


Until specific bonuses are implemented, the number of stars on the Pet card maps as follows for the profBonus, craftBonus, and combatBonus fields:
  • 0: no stars
  • 1: 1 star
  • 80: 2 stars
  • 160: 3 stars
The three Scalar fields are not currently in use, but will indicate the scale of the specific bonus.
  • bonusCount: Int - the number of bonuses that the Pet received
  • profBonus: Int
  • profBonusScalar: Int
  • craftBonus: Int
  • craftBonusScalar: Int
  • combatBonus: Int
  • combatBonusScalar: Int

Pet State

  • hungryAt: Int - the Unix timestamp when the Pet will need to be fed to provide its bonuses to a Hero; not currently in use
  • equippableAt: Int - the Unix timestamp when the Pet will be available for equipping to a Hero; not currently in use
  • equippedTo: Hero - the Hero that the Pet is equipped to; not currently in use

Auction Details

  • saleAuction: PetAuction - if the Pet has been placed for Sale, returns the corresponding PetAuction
  • salePrice: String - if the Pet has been placed for Sale, returns the Sale price in wei
  • privateAuctionProfile: Profile - if the Pet has been placed for Private Sale, returns the corresponding Profile of the future buyer


Example 1

All Uncommon Pets hatched from Grey Eggs with a two-star Armorsmithing bonus:
pets(where: {eggType: 1, element: 2, craftBonus: 80}) {

Example 2

All Pets from the Penguin family (by eggType/Appearance) with the "Vithraven Outskirts" background, sorted by ascending Sale Price:
pets(orderBy: salePrice, where: {eggType: 0, appearance_in: [19, 60, 61, 62, 63, 88, 101, 126], background: 3}) {
owner {

Example 3

The 10 lowest-priced Rare Pets for Sale, sorted by ascending Sale Price:
pets(first:10, orderBy:salePrice, where: {rarity: 2, salePrice_not:null}) {
Because Auction and PetAuction queries can't filter on subfields of tokenId, use complex Heroes and Pets queries with a salePrice_not: null filter instead.
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